It’s been two weeks since I returned back to Greece from USA.  It’s been two weeks and now that the jet-lag starts to wither (yeah it took me so long)  the melancholy knocked my door. Pffffff!

It’s just the thing that, there, I was meeting so many new people every day, I was visiting different places every day, I was out all day long.  And now that I am back I have classes in the morning till the afternoon and then I go home or to my ballet class and that’s it.  End of the day. Sleep. Wake up. Here we go again. Repeat.

When I got the hint that I was getting melancholic (It happens to me all the time. It can be triggered by just listening to a song that is somehow connected to a bitter memory of mine! haha) I decided to start going out more. But for some reason this doesn’t satisfy me at all.

I’ve decided to fight it back! So:

-I bought a new book (yayyyy)! It’s called “Confiteor by Jaume Cabre” and so far it is so addictive! I won’t say much now because I haven’t finished reading it but stay tuned 😛

-I have ballet classes almost every day! ❤

-I dyed my hair (silver-blue)! I love them! Even if before seeing the result I was soooo nervous! hahah

-I try not to think about him :/

P.S 1:Music I keep listening to these days (probably doesn’t help much) :

Clutch/  Red Hot Chili Peppers/  Nirvana/  Radiohead / The Killers/ Arctic Monkeys/ Ben Howard etc

P.S 2: If you have any recommendation feel free to tell me! need help here! 😛 😀