So let me tell you something about me. I really love ballet and I’ve been taking classes of the Russian system (Vaganova) since I was little. The thing is  that this year (in June) we had examinations and an old prima ballerina from Bulgaria, miss Bogoeva, would come to Greece in order to examinate us and hopefully let us pass to the next level. Truth be told those exams are pretty hard and she is very strict, so our theacher had prepared us for the worst.

I was pretty anxious back then but tried to keep it under control. And the day of the examination came, all was rolling fine and I had a good vibe because I was dancing and it felt good! When our program was over I left not knowing the result, and prepared for a low mark because ms.Bogoeva has the reputation of being really strict.

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The same night we would all meet at a roof bar for a kind of after-exams-gala (lol :D). So my teacher came to me and she told me that I got 10/10 and that ms. Bogoeva suggested that I should go to her academy in Varna, Bulgaria for summer-courses.  And it came out of the blue, just like that!  An opportunity to travel abroad!

The thing was that it would be my first trip on my very own!! I had to plan everything from scratch and I couldn’t spend much either. So I searched and searched on the net and I chose to stay in a youth hostel which was new and pretty inexpensive. My parents were a little preoccupied but they let me go on one condition- that I would leave the moment that something went wrong. I was a little worried too because I would sleep in an 8-people mixed dorm but I saw it as a great experience and a good way to meet new people.

And there I was on a plane to Sofia, Bulgaria and then on a bus to Varna (6 hours distance) where I would stay for 13 days! Then I had planned to visit Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria) for a day and a night before heading back to Greece.

The journey from Sofia to Varna by bus was soooo tiring! Thank God a Belgian girl that I met in the hostel recommended another bus-brand which was much better, inexpensive and it had air-conditioning!  So I chose this brand when I was returning back in Sofia. (You can message me if you need more information on travelling to Varna or Sofia).

When I arrived in Varna I decided to have the first meet with the city and I walked to the city-centre. I was amazed!!  The centre was all pedestrianised, full of colourful flowers and it all seemed so well-cared. The main pedestrianised road which was full of places to eat, beautiful bars and hotels, would take you to the sea coast, the so called Black Sea. On the coast there was a very big park, called “the sea gardens” which included a dilphinarium, a zoo-park, a planetarium and the palace of culture and sports. I just loved the sea-gardens and I would go walking almost every day before class.  There you would see everyone riding a bike or a roller skate, having picnics, playing music or even balancing on a rope (yes I saw that! lol)

Varna view- from the highest hotel
Sea Gardens
Sea Gardens
Fountain next to Varna’s opera house



The Bulgarian food I tasted there, their hospitality and the people I met at the hostel,  I will never forget! It was such a great experience, the ones that you get once in a lifetime I guess.

With this post I want to try to convince you that travelling solo can be great! I really need to let you know that, because I needed someone to say it to me too. I know it’s a big decision to make and a lot to think about but it’s totally worth it.

I’ll agree to  what they say…”outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens”!

P.S 1: I think my next post should be about my experience from staying in a hostel.

P.S 2: If you want more about how the ballet intensives were, let me know 😛

Till then,