Guys did I tell you? This past week I am in the USA and more specifically in New York! I am soooo excited I can’t even describe it.

I want to apologize though for not writing in more than 7 days but I wanted to gather photos from all the places I’ve been so far, so I could share them with you..

Well it all started when my brother asked me if I wanted to visit him in the United States (he is studying here) and of course I said yes without a second thought! The classes back in Greece don’t start till the first week of October, so that made the decision even easier.

The flight was about 10:30 hours long and the seat really uncomfortable but I enjoyed the trip, probably because I was very excited.  I watched 3 movies and I tried to get some sleep too but it was impossible.

First impression:

-The sky was much more dull than in Greece and it even had a grey-ish colour

-The guy in the passport control was very friendly and he even chit-chatted with us

-The buildings are enormously big and bulky

-The air-condition was on in every building that we got into and I was FREEZING!

-It all seemed so strange and different in comparison to what I was used to (but in a good way!!)

-The trucks as well as the cars here are very big! Also, the gasoline is pretty inexpensive.

So we headed to my brother’s house in New Brunswick. We got there by UBER (first time I used that too and it was really convenient). I noticed that in each region the houses were similar to each other.  That made it uniform and formed some kind of a community. Also, you can’t miss the numerous malls and shops across the road. The supermarkets are another story!(I can just be lost there.!Again very big and with such a variety of food, especially sweets!)

New Brunswick is a little city which is full of students because of the university of Rutgers.  There are plenty of coffee shops, multicultural cuisines and pubs. The first thing that caught my eye were the fraternities and sororities. It was just like we see it in the movies.  Actually most of the things that you see in an american movie is possibly true.

The next day I visited the Busch campus of Rutgers university and had a walk around. I even went to the chemical engineering department to see what I am missing (lol). There were many junior students walking around in the campus because they had something like an orientation day and they were all wearing red t-shirts with a big R in the middle. I was pretty jealous and I wanted a hoodie with Rutgers written on it, so I went to the student center where there was a Rutgers shop. I was really surprised to see that it was really really expensive though, so I haven’t got one yet. But i’ll come to terms with the price (haha)

That day I tasted my very first american burger! It was really great! The american ones can’t be compared to the European style. I guess it’s all about the size here! You even get to the supermarket and you see these enormous party-sized  chips or the gallons of milk in the fridges. I am still very impressed by the size of all things here..

So far I’ve visited New York, Princeton, Philadelphia and New Brunswick. I have to tell you everything that I have seen in every on of them.

So keep reading….

P.S: I’m staying till the first week of October (yayyyy!)